How is nitrogen-based fertilizers related to algae bloom?

Answer Farmers use artificial nitrogen based fertilizers on their land to improve their crops. However, the fertilizer is very soluble and it washes off into the rivers lakes and oceans where it also feed... Read More »

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Common Nitrogen Fertilizers?

Nitrogen is the most common element in the Earth's atmosphere (78 percent by volume) and yet it is the most common limiting factors for the growth of plants and animals. Ninety-nine percent of the ... Read More »

What percentage of fertilizers are nitrogen?

Nitrogen makes up a differing percentage of fertilizer, depending upon the intended use and manufacturer of the fertilizer. Fertilizer designed for heavy feeding plants or soil deficient in nitroge... Read More »

Do Fertilizers Affect Algae Growth?

Algae growth occurs naturally as an important part of the ecosystem and a major producer of oxygen. When fertilizer is improperly applied and floods the surrounding environment, it can cause devast... Read More »

What are two ways of adding nitrogen to the soil without the use of artificial fertilizers?