How is my wife tracking my websites accessed on your htc evo sprint phone?

Answer with a USB wire you plonka

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What is tha best phone i should get between tha sprint htc pro2 or tha sprint htc hero android phone?

just founf a solution: "SMS Composer" that you can download from the market for free.Jim

How can I prevent my cell phone from being tapped/ my texts from being accessed?

Are you under the impression that doing that is something easy that any idiot can do, It's far from. Your being paranoid. Source(s): I'm a Cell Technician

Would the mobile icon appear next to your name if you accessed facebook through a wii and not a cell phone?

The mobile icon appears if your ISP is a mobile phone/data provider; if it is a regular ISP (using cable, fiber, landlines etc.) - FB will see it as a regular PC. And I would guess that your Wii is... Read More »

Best Free Websites for Ringtones(Sprint)!!!?

There's a lot of ringtone sites in the net that provides a lists of hip hop ringtones, maybe even tons of it! And here are the lists of those sites that I was able to collate:www.funmobile.comwww.p... Read More »