How is money made in Canada?

Answer Canadian money has been manufactured at the Ottawa Mint since 1908. The mint produces paper money and metal coins, including commemorative issues. Coins are produced in $.01, $.05, .$.10, $.25, $.5... Read More »

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How to Transfer Money to Canada?

You can transfer money to Canada through direct international money order. Postal money orders are easy, safe, and cost-effective alternatives to cash or checks. You can purchase a money order from... Read More »

Can I use American money in Canada?

Many merchants throughout Canada will accept U.S. currency, but the exchange rate may not be in your favor. A Canadian bank is the best place to exchange American money. Canadian currency is in the... Read More »

Can I spend US money in Canada?

The official currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar, but many retail locations in Canada will accept US currency. When using US Currency in Canada, it is up to the retail location to choose whet... Read More »

Is a gift of money taxable in Canada?

There is no gift money tax in Canada. Money given to relatives and friends as a gift does not have to be taxed. However, if the money is given to a spouse or a minor child you might be taxed on t... Read More »