How is mitochondrial DNA used in forensics?

Answer While deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing has been around for a while now, recent advances in the use of mitochondrial DNA have helped forensic scientists solve crimes that involve problems in iden... Read More »

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How are forensics used?

Forensics are used to help resolve issues that arise in the legal system. During a case, forensic scientists that specialize in specific areas may apply their expertise to the legal issue and when ... Read More »

How is DNA used in forensics?

There are 13 regions (loci) in the human DNA that contain information that is unique to each individual. Forensic scientists use the DNA information collected from tissue samples (such as hair, ski... Read More »

How is math used in forensics?

Forensics refer to activities performed in relation to the courts or public debate. Court rulings often rest on the evidence and findings of forensic specialists. These professionals must have a nu... Read More »

How is chemistry used in forensics?

Chemistry in forensics differs from most other science practices in that a forensic chemist must abide by both the guidelines of science and the legal jurisdiction. By performing chemical tests on ... Read More »