How is mitochondrial DNA used in forensics?

Answer While deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) testing has been around for a while now, recent advances in the use of mitochondrial DNA have helped forensic scientists solve crimes that involve problems in iden... Read More »

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Computer Forensics Training in Digital Forensics & Electronic Discovery?

A company or agency that has a computer network may at some point find itself having to deal with some kind of electronic-related crime or misbehavior. It could be external, such as a hacker, or it... Read More »

Why mitochondrial membranes lack cholesterol?

Mitochondrial membranes contain three percent cholesterol by mass.

What is the difference between nuclear and mitochondrial DNA testing?

Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecules are, in the most basic terms, the information storage unit of the cell--the building block for every known organism and many viruses. Most references to DNA ac... Read More »

What is a special concern for patients with mitochondrial myopathies?

the absence of a causative explanation for why the symptoms developed. This is especially challenging for determining recurrence risks for parents considering future pregnancies