How is microwave popcorn made?

Answer Microwave popcorn is a fast, easy alternative to air-poppers and stove-pop popcorn preparation. Popcorn kernels are heated inside a specially designed microwave bag or microwave popper and pop and ... Read More »

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When was microwave popcorn made?

Popcorn was first made by using microwave technology in the 1940s. Dr. Percy Spencer of the Raytheon Corporation first discovered in 1946 that microwaves could be used to heat food. In 1947, Raythe... Read More »

Difference Between Air Popped Popcorn & Microwave Popcorn?

Popcorn is a snack widely eaten in movie theaters across America and enjoyed as a snack at home, during work and travel. Air-popped and microwave popcorn is often a staple with people who are dieti... Read More »

Can microwave popcorn go bad?

Microwave popcorn and popcorn kernels usually have an expiration date of two years and should be use by, or very shortly after, that date. It is most likely not the popcorn but the oil and additive... Read More »

My Microwave Won't Pop Popcorn?

Microwave popcorn is a tasty and convenient snack for your family on movie night; but if your microwave should stop popping your popcorn, you can find yourself quickly deprived of your favorite par... Read More »