How is memory stored in the human brain?

Answer The process of memory storage in the human brain is fascinating, yet relatively simple. There is a great deal of information that the human brain can store, categorizing it and putting the informat... Read More »

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If memory stick to human brain is invented, what part of our body would be its USB?

Hopefully somewhere that would not be gross to think about.Maybe through the back of the head or neck. I really don't want to thing about it going anywhere near the groin.

What is the name of the memory stored on a CPU?

Random access memory (RAM) is the "working" memory that is stored on a CPU. RAM is used to complete tasks and run programs. Read only memory (ROM), also stored on the CPU, is used to store permanen... Read More »

How much of the human brain is used?

According to the University of Washington, the "we only use 10 percent of our brain" legend is not true. Humans use 100 percent of their brains, although they may not need every single brain cell f... Read More »

Where is virtual memory stored?

All processes and applications operating under 32-bit Windows systems operate on virtual memory, no matter how much random-access memory is installed on a computer. This virtual memory is stored on... Read More »