How is math used by a cosmetologist?

Answer You may not think that a cosmetologist would need math skills. However, stylists use math on a daily basis. Most of the math a stylist uses is of an estimated value rather than an exact value.Booki... Read More »

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Games Used for Math Students or to Teach Math?

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How Math is Used in Cosmetology?

Sequencing activities teach students the proper order in which events happen. Learning how to sequence events and ideas help prepare students for many life areas. Time management, project completio... Read More »

How is math used in photography?

In digital photography it could be used when editing or taking the picture an example could be changing pixels or maybe angles needed for a picture. In manual film cameras math is needed much more... Read More »

How is math used in the army?

It could be so they can work out how many bullets are fired per second on average so they can work out how many to load their gun with for a certain amount of time or how much food will be needed a... Read More »