How is math related to music?

Answer Musicians not only use mathematical principles in their compositions, but they also employ mathematical relationships in the notes and rhythms they play.PitchThe pitch of a tone depends on air vibr... Read More »

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How is math related to photography?

math is related to photography by the chemical to exposure ration, and the interversal square law. the interversal square law explains how when you move the subject two times the distance away, you... Read More »

How is photography related to math?

The laws of physics (optics), which are employed when taking a photo, are expressed through mathematical expressions.

Math Related to Nursing?

As with any specialized field, the exact math knowledge nurses are required to know varies. There are fundamental mathematical concepts all nurses use on a daily basis to correctly calculate and ad... Read More »

How is math related to basketball?

Math is a constant partner in every activity that takes place. It may be difficult to see, but everything can be broken down into equations and statistics---even basketball.Sports and MathSports ha... Read More »