How is malt vinegar made?

Answer Malt vinegar is a popular accompaniment to British fish and chips and has even been nominated as an "Icon of England." Unlike many other vinegars, which are based on wine, malt vinegar is made from... Read More »

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Can i use regular brown vinegar for pickling i like malt vinegar?

I use malt or cider vinegar mostly, white vinegar is for cleaning, I make brine with the vinegar, salt, sugar if you like, bay leaves, celery and mustard seeds, a couple of clove and allspice berri... Read More »

Is distilled malt vinegar the same as white vinegar?

Distilled malt vinegar is not the same as white vinegar. Malt vinegar is made using the alcohol from barley malt, whereas white vinegar is made using the alcohol from corn.Source:The Vinegar Instit... Read More »

What is in malt vinegar?

Malt vinegar is simply made out of barley cereal grains, according to the website, . The grains are treated to convert their starches to maltose, a form of sugar. Once processed the ... Read More »

What is distilled vinegar made of?

Distilled vinegar is made from fermented sugar which will turn into an alcohol solution. This is fermented a second time with a vinegar culture; the bacteria turn convert the alcohol solution to vi... Read More »