How is lumber heat-treated?

Answer Lumber is heat-treated in a drying kiln for a number of days. The kiln removes moisture from the cut wood through evaporation. The lower moisture content makes the wood stronger than green lumber.M... Read More »

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Can I use treated lumber for a birdhouse?

When building a birdhouse, choose a wood that hasn't been treated. You cannot use treated lumber for a birdhouse because when it gets wet, it will emit vapors that will poison the birds.References:... Read More »

Is roof lumber treated?

Roof lumber is not necessarily treated. It is up to the roofer whether he opts to use treated or non-treated wood. Treated lumber is commonly used to assemble roofs to prevent decay.References:Nati... Read More »

Can you put caulk on treated lumber?

You can apply caulk to treated wood. However, apply a caulking primer to the surface first. It's also important to clean the surface of the treated wood with rubbing alcohol to remove grease and di... Read More »

What is in treated lumber?

The chemicals used as preservatives in treated lumber depend on when the lumber was manufactured. Prior to 2004, chromated copper arsenate (CCA), which contains chromium, copper and arsenic, was mo... Read More »