How is liquid oxygen made?

Answer Producers of liquid oxygen, a substance with uses ranging from aerospace to health care, subject air to extraordinarily cold temperatures to condense and distill the substance from the air.Liquid O... Read More »

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How is liquid oxygen made as rocket fuel?

Liquid oxygen (LOX) has been used to power United States' rockets since the early days of the space program. It was used in the Saturn V that sent Americans to the moon and it is currently used in ... Read More »

How cold is liquid oxygen?

Oxygen, usually found as a gas, turns to liquid when it gets cooled below -297.4 degrees Fahrenheit. As a gas, oxygen is colorless. In its liquid state, oxygen turns blue and becomes highly flammab... Read More »

How much does liquid oxygen cost?

The cost of liquid oxygen varies depending on the purpose you're buying it for. For health care applications, you will need relatively small quantities. You can buy 2 ounces of liquid oxygen for ar... Read More »

Is liquid oxygen blue?

Liquid oxygen, also known as LOX, has a pale blue color. Oxygen turns from a gas to a liquid at negative 183 degrees Celsius. Its liquid form is about 4,000 times more dense than its gaseous form, ... Read More »