How is it to clean a new house and how much should you charge?

Answer On One Hand: Average Cleaning ChargesOn average, it takes a little over an hour of cleaning for each 1000 square feet of a home, according to Debby Sardone, president of the Association of Resident... Read More »

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Messy house or Clean house Tidy but dirty Untidy but clean Somewhere in the middle?

Clean and tidy or I feel like a retard. Seriously, I don't feel right if the house is dirty or messed up, I don't see how people can live that way.

Which area in the house are you most likely to find lots of germs even if your house is clean?

the's said that most toilets are cleaner than kitchens. We know how to clean a toilet, but are more careless in the kitchen.

How much do I charge to paint a house?

Painters charge between $1,500 to $3,000 for a paint job on a single-story home and somewhere between $3,000 and $5,500 for a larger or multi-story home. Supplies account for nearly 25 percent of t... Read More »

How Much Should I Charge to Rent My House?

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