How is it that you name when you draw some black and white photograph and then you draw it back in a grid and you go square by square?

Answer The process you have described is called a grid transfer copying. The grid process has been developed for use in computer imaging as well. It is very useful for comparing proportions and getting th... Read More »

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How to Draw a Square?

A square is a quadrilateral (4-sided polygon) with four right (90-degree) angles and four congruent sides. Here's how to draw one simply but accurately.

How to Draw a Secret Square?

A secret square is used to send a note or letter to someone without others being able to read it. The note is folded in such a way that it will take the spy some time to take it apart to see the wr... Read More »

How to Draw an Octagon & Triangle in a Square?

Drawing a square or triangle is simple because they only have a few sides that are all the same length. Moving on to hexagons, pentagons or octagons gets to be a little trickier because of the mult... Read More »

How to Draw a Square Using the Rectangle Button in MS Word?

While "word" may be the key term in the Microsoft Word word processing software, the program offers more than just letters on a page. Along with templates for documents such as greeting cards, broc... Read More »