How is it that some people can upload a certain music video, but i can't?

Answer Cause your a hot stud

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How to Upload a Music Video to Facebook?

Besides simply allowing you to share your thoughts or correspond with friends and family, Facebook also includes options to save pictures and videos. If your band has made a new music video you wan... Read More »

How to Upload Music to YouTube Using Freemake Video Converter?

If you have an audio file that you want to upload to YouTube but you can't, we know how to solve this common problem!

What program can i use to upload youtube video with my own Music Beside Window Movie Maker?

Upload videos directly to YouTube from your computer. Go to, sign in and click the "Upload" button at the top of the page.

Why do people upload music videos on youtube in only 240p?

It is because, not everybody have fast internet connection. The higher you go in the quality of the video, the longer the buffering for those slow connections. Vevo's video is quite good for my spe... Read More »