How is it possible troll people on 4chan?

Answer Trolls trolling Trolls trolling Trolls, **** it, you get the idea.

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Why do you think people need to troll Vegetarian and Vegan answers?

Every section of YA has trolls, and they are far more offensive in some other sections. For example, one of the V&V trolls also trolls the Cancer section, which has the potential to cause real pai... Read More »

Are you fed up with people opening up new accounts to troll other users?

It keeps me from coming on here as much now Bex :-(I come on here to have a bit of fun, lighten the load after a normally stressful day at work.What's the point though when you log on and it's trol... Read More »

Why do people troll this section with large amount of thumbs down?

i've noticed that and raised the same question. My feeling is that is someone with no brain, too much time, lot's of ID's, and that are simply point whoring. What is odd occasionally, is that there... Read More »

People keep telling me I'm a troll. I checked out wikipedia and dictionary but still don't get it.?