How is it best to destroy a hard drive ?

Answer If you want to erase all the data on the hard drive, including your operating system, shut down and restart your computer. Press and hold F8 when your computer manufacturer's logo comes on and then... Read More »

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What is the best way to physically destroy an old hard drive?

After removing the hard drive from the case get a hack saw and just start sawing away. Then when you have the hard drive in several pieces put them in the trash at different times. That way no on... Read More »

What is the best way to destroy a used hard drive?

Put a bullet through it. I did that once.I had a hard drive crash and lost a lot of important data. I took the hard drive out to a firing range and put a few bullets into it.I guarentee you, that ... Read More »

How to Destroy a Hard Drive?

Sometimes, erasing a hard drive simply will not do. In these cases, you must obliterate the object in question.

How do I destroy my hard drive?

Burn.Hammer.Drill.Format 4 time using Windows Washer