How is it bad to drink alcohol before your 21?

Answer It's dangerous and gets you a jumpstart on killing your liver

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Can you drink alcohol before a colonoscopy?

On One Hand: Colonoscopy PreparationAccording to the Cleveland Clinic, preparation for a colonoscopy begins five days prior to the procedure. It recommends a variety of different dietary preparatio... Read More »

Did Minnie Mouse ever drink alcohol before?

Zounds! I have never seen anything even suggesting alcoholism in cartoons as juvenile as the Disney Mice. You may be thinking of some other animal character. there were jokes about some comic book-... Read More »

Can you drink alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia?

On One Hand: Generally DiscouragedDrinking alcohol the night before getting general anesthesia is generally discouraged. Drinking the night before means the alcohol will remain in your system the n... Read More »

What is the best alcohol to drink before work One that won't give me the mid-day blahs once it wears off?

Vodka+CoffeeAs you already know, light makes you fight! I know vodka gets me all riled up. Where the hell have you been girl??