How is iron made into steel?

Answer Turning iron into steel is a basic industry. Making steel involves transforming elemental iron into a strong, high-grade material ideal for construction and other uses.IronAfter mining iron, the fi... Read More »

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Can stainless steel spoons be made into bracelets&rings?

Stainless-steel spoons can be made into bracelets and rings like sterling silver spoons, but because of the texture and strength of the metal, it is a harder medium to work into forms. You may also... Read More »

How to Convert Iron Pipes Into Steel Pipes?

Whether in sewer pipelines or other applications, when two different types of pipe meet and connect together in the same line, a transition fitting is installed between the two pipe ends. This fitt... Read More »

Are steel cans made from aluminium steel?

A French scientist invented the steel can after receiving a commission to find a way to preserve Napoleon's food. Steel cans enjoy popularity today but are much cheaper to produce. A mixture of iro... Read More »

Is a steam iron really made from iron?

Modern steam irons are designed for ease of use and maintenance, and made from a variety of lightweight metals and plastics, but not iron. Iron can rust when exposed to water, and damage clothing. ... Read More »