Where are sapphires found in nature?

Answer Sapphires in a variety of colors beyond blue, such as pink, purple, yellow, and orange, are found worldwide. They are mined mostly in Africa, Australia, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia Ceylon, India, Madag... Read More »

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Where can hydrogen be found in nature?

Hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe and is usually found bonded to other elements in nature (it is not usually found alone in nature). It is found in the chemical bonds of compoun... Read More »

Where is neodymium found in nature?

The rare earth element neodymium (Nd) is mostly derived from the minerals bastnaesite, xenotine and monazite. Other lanthanide elements, including cerium, lanthanum and praseodymium, are also prese... Read More »

Can geometry be found in nature?

From the patterns in a leaf to the motion of the planets, nature is full of phenomena that can be understood through geometry. An object follows a parabolic arc when tossed into the air, while the ... Read More »

How many atoms are found in nature?

According to, the universe contains about 10 ^ 80 atoms. That's 10 to the 80th power, or 1 followed by 80 zeroes. A very large number, indeed! The estimates actually range from... Read More »