How is insurance priced?

Answer Insurance is priced based on risk. An insurance company will charge higher premiums for the same insurance coverage if it thinks that the risk of it having to pay out a claim is higher.InsuranceIns... Read More »

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Why are some HDMI cables priced £60-70 whilst some are priced £2-5 What is the difference?

Simple answering is marketing.No cable is 3000% better then an other one, no matter what it is made out of.You pay for the name, for the status, for the "peace of mind"One will be gold plated and o... Read More »

Where can you find reasonably priced general liability insurance for a tattoo studio in Georgia?

Yes you should be. Not all general liability forms automatically add additional insureds so you need to check with your subcontractors policy. There is a web site that I have found where artisan co... Read More »

Reasonably priced DVD projectors?

video projectors can be bought, that you can plug dvd players or videocameras intoWithout the need of a specific DVD projector.But newer equipment might give a better picture.Sony, Toshiba and othe... Read More »

How are pearls priced?

Just as the "Four C's" determine a diamond's value, pearls have their own unique grading system, based on each pearl's origin, luster, shape, color and size. The higher a pearl's quality in each ca... Read More »