How is gold refined?

Answer As gold is rarely pure when discovered, the other elements mixed in with the gold must be removed in order to produce a product near 100 percent pure. The refining process is a complicated, high-te... Read More »

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How is gold refined from ore?

Gold ore typically contains a number of metals and foreign materials in addition to pure gold. In order to extract the gold for commercial purposes, the ore must undergo a complicated refining proc... Read More »

How is gold cleaned and refined?

Gold occurs rarely as pure ore, but is mixed with other elements in rock. As a result, extraction and refining involves different methods, depending on the amount of other minerals and impurities m... Read More »

How to Be Refined?

Have you ever met a person who was both quiet and seeming to posses within their calculating stare the answers to the universe? Those who are refined are not necessarily extraordinarily smart or pe... Read More »

What happens to the gold in the stomach when we eat Gold Dosa, the recent novelty of Dosa wrapped in gold foil?

Nothing happens. The gold used is incredably thin and has very little strength so the gold is broken into tiny fragments during chewing and digestion. If the gold is 18 to 24 carot then it will not... Read More »