How is glitter produced?

Answer Glitter is a craft material made from an assortment of colored paper, glass or metal, cut into tiny pieces that are usually about 1 mm square. It can also be used in cosmetics and textiles.HistoryW... Read More »

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How to Make Glitter Dust Glitter gel?

Glitter dust glitter gel is a perfect craft for older kids and they can have fun using the gel or giving it to their friends as gifts. Glitter dust glitter gel also makes a great fund-raising proje... Read More »

Numbers of ATP that produced from glucose that produced from glycogenolysis?

Do you mean "Glycolysis" instead of glycogenolysis?Glycolysis is the metabolic pathway that converts glucose C6H12O6, into pyruvate, CH3COCOO− + H+. The free energy released in this process is us... Read More »

When was glitter first invented?

In 1934 a machinist named Henry Ruschmann from Bernardsville, New Jersey, invented modern-day glitter by grinding up plastic, according to writer Aja Mangum in a "New York Magazine" article. Ruschm... Read More »

Glitter graphics?