How is safety glass made?

Answer There are a couple of types of glass that are heavily used when safety is a concern, such as in car windows. The types are laminated glass and tempered glass.Laminated GlassLaminated glass is made ... Read More »

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How are glass bottles made?

Glass bottles are created every day through an automated process that involves a series of steps. The production of glass has come a long way. The earliest man-made glass objects date to about 3,50... Read More »

Who made mercury glass?

Mercury glass, or silvered glass, as it is also called, dates back to 19th-century Germany or the forests of Bohemia, today known as the Czech Republic, around 1840. Who first made mercury glass is... Read More »

How is milk glass made?

Milk glass is dinnerware made from opaque white glass, but other colors and types are also present. Because milk glass has been made using different techniques through time, it takes an experienced... Read More »

How Are Glass Beads Made?

Early man began making glass beads as adornments. Although tools used to make glass beads have grown safer and more sophisticated, the techniques used to make glass beads changed little. Visit muse... Read More »