How Is Tempered Glass Made?

Answer Throughout their scholastic careers, students undergo assessments in order for schools to evaluate and understand their academic progress. Many forms of assessments exist. They range from complex p... Read More »

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Why is a greenhouse made from glass?

this makes possible for the sunlight to reach the plants inside.This makes it easier for the glass to project sunlight through the glass helping the plants inside grow while at the same time it pro... Read More »

Who made mercury glass?

Mercury glass, or silvered glass, as it is also called, dates back to 19th-century Germany or the forests of Bohemia, today known as the Czech Republic, around 1840. Who first made mercury glass is... Read More »

When was carnival glass first made?

Carnival glass, originally known as "Iridescent Ware," was first made in 1907 by the Fenton Art Glass Company. Some pieces eventually became popular as prizes at carnivals and fairgrounds, earnin... Read More »

How Is Windshield Glass Made?

The earliest cars provided no protection from bugs and inclement weather. L.S. Millberg reports on that the first ordinary glass windshields shattered on impact, risking serious injury t... Read More »