How is geometry applied to art, architecture&nature?

Answer Geometry is more than a mathematics exercise. Its effects throughout history and in the present are far-reaching and revolutionary. The tangible effects of geometry can be found in abundance in art... Read More »

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Why are fertilizers applied?

To improve the ability of the soil to support the plants growing within.

Hi. applied for job in australia?

If you don't already have an Australian work visa, there's no point in applying for a job in Australia if it isn't in an occupation that is eligible for an employer sponsored visa and if the employ... Read More »

Applied Art Colleges?

The applied arts relate to the use of aesthetic design and arrangement in order to make everyday living easier and more functional. The applied arts are centered around practicality. Some applied a... Read More »

How is gold leaf applied?

Gold leaf is a delicate material that requires skill and patience to use, especially for beginners. To prevent mistakes and reduce waste of materials and resources, it helps to have a basic underst... Read More »