How is garnet formed?

Answer Most people think of garnets as the deep-red stones often seen in jewelry, but the semiprecious gems are found in every color except blue. Legend has it that the January birthstone has healing prop... Read More »

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How Is a Garnet Made?

The term "garnet" actually describes a large family of minerals that are chemically related. While most people are familiar with the red garnet gemstone found in jewelry, natural garnets may actual... Read More »

How to Tumble Garnet?

Many jewelry-makers and gem collectors like to tumble their own stones. This gives them control over various finishes as well as the size of the resulting stones. Some stones are easy to tumble in ... Read More »

Who owns Garnet Hill?

Garnet Hill, Incorporated, owns the Garnet Hill home decor and clothing brand. The company is located in Franconia, New Hampshire. It launched in 1973 when Pegge Kirschne and Grant Dowse started a ... Read More »

Where is Garnet located?

There are three towns and communities named Garnet. Garnet, California, is in Riverside County. Garnet, Montana, is a small town located in Missoula County, near the state's western border. Garnet,... Read More »