How is freeze dried food prepared?

Answer The basic principle of freeze drying food is to remove all water from the product. The process does not affect the composition or structure of the product, which is rehydrated before using.Freezing... Read More »

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What is freeze-dried food?

Freeze-dried food is food that has been frozen and dehydrated. At a later point water can be added, making it return to its original state and become edible again.The ProcessThe freeze-drying proce... Read More »

Can freeze dried food go bad?

Freeze-dried food has long served as a military staple and as "emergency" food because of its long shelf life, but it can go bad. Expiration dates vary from supplier to supplier but you can expect ... Read More »

When was freeze dried food invented?

Nescafe created freeze-dried coffee in 1938 as a way to help Brazil with an excess in coffee production. NASA and the U.S. military later used the drying method as a way to feed astronauts and mili... Read More »

How is freeze-dried food made?

Freeze-dried food is made using sublimation. By skipping the liquid phase of water, a smaller amount of heat can be applied to food during the process in order to keep the food's original structure... Read More »