How is flower written in other languages?

Answer In Japanese flower means hana

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What Alphabets Are Slavic Languages Written In?

More than 300 million people speak a Slavic language worldwide, mostly in central and eastern Europe. Slavic languages are written in adaptations of the Roman and Cyrillic alphabets, based on the g... Read More »

What other flower is related to the Santa Cruz Island bush mallow flower?

Other bush mallow genus [Malacothamnus spp] members are related to the Santa Cruz Island bush mallow [Malacothamnus fasciculatus]. Other common names for the Santa Cruz are Mendocino or Chaparral b... Read More »

How to Use wikiHow in Other Languages?

If you read this article, you can discover how to use wikiHow in other languages!

Are translations or other languages available?

SAFE-T-WORD bingo can be translated to almost any language. However, keep in mind that this promotion can help teach English and safety instruction that can be recognized and understood in an emerg... Read More »