Is fire topaz man-made?

Answer Makers of fire topaz use a special process to coat natural topaz stones with a thin, colored film, according to the Mystic Topaz company. The coating may be pink, blue, green or multicolored and ma... Read More »

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What are fire blankets made of?

Fire blankets are made of heat-treated fiberglass that are reinforced with Kevlar. These blankets can withstand high temperatures. They also are waterproof and lightweight, making them easy to carr... Read More »

What are fire matches made of?

A match is a small thin stick of wood or cardboard. There are two types of matches: safety match and friction match. Safety matches are made of sulfur, glass powder and oxidizing agent such as pot... Read More »

What are fire safes made out of?

Fire safes are made of several different materials--both natural and man-made--that are used as insulation between the inner and outer walls. This insulation is resistant to fire or excessive heat.... Read More »

Is fire topaz a man-made gem?

A large number of topaz stones found on the market today have been treated by the process of irradiation, which changes the color of the stone. The fire topaz is not found naturally; it has undergo... Read More »