How is fermentation different from respiration?

Answer Aerobic respiration and fermentation are methods for cells to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP) from glucose. Aerobic respiration requires oxygen and employs an electron transport chain to yield... Read More »

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How do fermentation&oxidative respiration differ?

Oxidative respiration (aerobic respiration) and fermentation both produce energy from sugar. However, aerobic respiration uses an electron transport chain with oxygen as the final electron acceptor... Read More »

What is a distinction between fermentation&cellular respiration?

Fermentation and cellular respiration are energy-producing processes that occur in the cells of most organisms, including humans. To produce their energy, each of these processes undergoes a differ... Read More »

When does fermentation occur in cellular respiration?

Fermentation does not occur in cellular respiration, but after the last stage of the "electron transport chain." It happens anaerobically in the oxidation of molecules--a process that gives cells o... Read More »

Does yogurt do lactic acid fermentation or alcoholic fermentation?

Yogurt is associated with lactic acid fermentation. Yogurt is produced by lactic acid bacteria during the fermentation process. Conversely, alcoholic fermentation is carried out by yeast and is ass... Read More »