How is every barcode different?

Answer The thickness of the lines, the encoding, the line placement. They all directly represent something else and are just simpler ways for computers to read. Usually they represent a number, like on th... Read More »

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Different Barcode Types?

Barcodes are present in their hundreds (even thousands) in most households in the Western world. Whether on your weekly grocery items or your book or DVD collection, barcodes are present on most it... Read More »

How come barcode scanner can scan barcode upside down with same results..?

Yes. Each barcode (whether it is UPC, EAN, Code 39, etc.) includes a start and stop character. Depending which is encountered first will tell the scanner what direction it is reading the barcode. W... Read More »

Is there any Barcode Scanner Application for PC that would take a barcode and give you the product's info + $?

Yes, there are several that will import the data into a Windows PC. You may then need to reformat into a .csv or excel file, though, or perhaps there is some extra software for that. The softeksoft... Read More »

How to Have a Different Hairstyle Every Day (for Girls)?

You know that girl who walks in every day with a DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLE? The one who people look forward to seeing because they want to see how their hair looks that day (no...I don't mean like Lady G... Read More »