How is engineering drawing a universal language?

Answer Engineering drawings are a universal language because they are understood the world over, and used to convey information from one person to another like writing or speaking. The difference is that ... Read More »

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Engineering Drawing Terms?

Just as in other professions, engineering "speaks its own language," including with regard to drawing terms. In fact, every drawing created in engineering has a technical name. Engineers use terms ... Read More »

How to Interpret an Engineering Drawing?

Once called "blueprints" because of the process used to reproduce drawings, engineering drawings provide a graphical depiction of the engineer's intent for the construction or fabrication of an ite... Read More »

What does B.C. mean when drawing an engineering symbol?

The abbreviation B.C., in reference to engineering, means bolt circle, or the diameter of an imaginary circle drawn through the center of each lug hole. It can also be written as B.C.D., meaning "b... Read More »

What Is a Build Overview Engineering Drawing?

A build overview engineering drawing combines an artist's rendering of a finished house with a blueprint's dimensions. A build overview engineering drawing may be the cover page of the drawing pack... Read More »