How to Convert Light Energy to Chemical Energy?

Answer The Earth's sun is a powerful and abundant source of light energy that all of the planet's life depends upon. Plants especially have developed unique photo-sensitive systems that allow them to take... Read More »

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Chemical Changes in Digestion?

As food travels through the digestive system of animals, it undergoes a series of physical and chemical changes that break it down to provide energy for cells. Physical changes simply alter the app... Read More »

Can a PET scan reveal chemical changes in the brain?

Yes. According to the National Institutes of Health, PET (Positron Emission Tomography) scans are a way to visualize chemical changes in the brain through the injection of radioactive tracers that ... Read More »

Five Ways You Can Use to Detect Chemical Changes?

Chemical change occurs whenever the molecules of an element or a compound react to another substance to form another type of substance. This change can sometimes be irreversible and the product pro... Read More »

Are There Physical Changes in Our Hair As We Grow Older?

You notice specific physical changes as you age, including the difference in the way your hair grows. Graying hair and balding and/or thinning are the major changes that happen to almost everyone a... Read More »