How to Convert Light Energy to Chemical Energy?

Answer The Earth's sun is a powerful and abundant source of light energy that all of the planet's life depends upon. Plants especially have developed unique photo-sensitive systems that allow them to take... Read More »

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Are their physical or emotional stress involved with photography?

Finding enough work to pay the bills and meeting deadlines come immediately to mind. Demanding clients who think they know more than you do are another. Physically, you spend a lot of time up on la... Read More »

What energy groups are involved in headphones?

Yes you can... i have them.. they work awesome.. i would suggest the app.. TruPhone.. its free.. and great you can connect with Skype, Aim, Google Talk, etc. Landlines, Mobiles, etc; are very low p... Read More »

What energy is involved in nuclear fission&fusion?

Fission and fusion share a common end: Both involve a nuclear process that releases massive amounts of energy. In nuclear fission, the nuclei of atoms are split apart and into smaller components. W... Read More »

Is fragrance of a flower chemical or physical?

Chemical due to the internal reactions of a flower.