How is data written on a memory card ...?

Answer It uses a technology like EEPROMData is stored inside advanced microprocessorsIt contains bit cells which can have values 0 and 1 (binary)These memory cells are made up of floating gate transistors... Read More »

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Whats written on my memory card?

That means Class 4 speed. The class system tells the read and write times of the card, on a scale of 10 (higher is faster). Unless you're buying it for a digital camera, it doesn't matter that much

How Can I Fix Corrupted Data on a PS2 Memory Card?

Corrupt data on your PlayStation 2 memory card can wipe out any chance of loading up your saves for some of your favorite games. This can affect controller settings, level progression and other cus... Read More »

How to Delete Data off Your Ps2 Memory Card?

A PS2 Memory CardIf you are running out of space on your PS2 memory card and you do not know how to delete it, this article will offer some tips on how to do so.

How to Erase Data on a Nintendo 64 Memory Card?

The Nintendo 64 (often referred to as the N64) uses a different memory-card setup than most other home consoles. Rather than connect directly to the console, the N64's memory card connects to the c... Read More »