How is cotton made from a plant?

Answer According to the National Cotton Council of America, cotton fabric begins its life as a small, tight mass of raw fiber that forms inside a hard pod called a boll. It will be harvested and processed... Read More »

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What group made cotton thread from raw cotton?

Cotton cloth has been around for more than 7,000 years. It was woven into cloth in Pakistan 5,000 years ago, and cotton cloth was even worn by Cleopatra in Egypt. Patrick Clark, however, was the fi... Read More »

What is a cotton plant?

A cotton plant is a plant that is grown to make cotton :D

How do I plant cotton seed?

Starting IndoorsPlant cotton seeds in 3-inch peat pots. Start the plants indoors around four weeks before outdoor planting. Place the plant in a sunny window and rotate the pot a little each day. ... Read More »

How to Paint a Cotton Plant?

Cotton plants produce the fluffy fibers that are processed and woven together to create the cloth that is used in clothing. The cotton plant is a shrub composed of numerous stems that bear white, f... Read More »