How is corned beef brisket made?

Answer A St. Patrick's Day favorite, corned beef is often served as a main dish with cabbage. You can also use this meat in sandwiches or combine it with potatoes to make hash. Corned beef brisket is cure... Read More »

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What is corned beef brisket?

In America, corned beef brisket, accompanied with cabbage and red potatoes, commonly shows up on pub menus around St. Patrick's Day. Many people are unaware of it during the rest of the year. Despi... Read More »

Is this corned beef brisket still good to cook?

the pickling spices will keep the meat better for a longer time period. It should even be good in the middle of June!!corned beef is beef that has been brined in a heavy salt solution so it is pres... Read More »

Can you substitute roast for brisket when making corned beef?

You can substitute other cuts of meat for brisket when making corned beef, such as beef round, which has less fat than brisket. Brisket refers to a cut of beef, and roast refers to a cooking method... Read More »

How is corned beef made?

Corned beef is made by soaking a tough cut of meat in flavorful brine before cooking. The Kitchen Project website states that "The Anatomy of Melancholy," a book written by Richard Burton in 1621, ... Read More »