How is construction paper made?

Answer Construction paper is a mainstay of grade schools and artist studios. Party streamers, Mother's Day cards, picture frame border and confetti are all produced with the help of the colored paper. The... Read More »

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Halloween Decorations Made With Construction Paper?

You don't need to invest a ton of money in supplies in order to decorate your home for Halloween. Using construction paper and a few other materials you can craft up a variety of decorative and ent... Read More »

What is the definition of construction paper?

Construction paper is a type of paper that is thicker than normal sheets of paper and in a wide variety of colors. It is typically made of groundwood pulp and can be described as being a firm and h... Read More »

Fun Construction Paper Projects?

Create colorful construction paper projects that are fun and easy to complete. Everything necessary to begin these projects is likely already at your fingertips. According to Enchanted Learning, th... Read More »

Why does construction paper fade in the sun?

The dye used in construction paper absorbs sunlight and bleaches the paper. Ultraviolet light degrades the chemical makeup of the colored paper, leaving it lighter. This process is called photodegr... Read More »