How is computer processing speed measured?

Answer The number of instructions per second the processor can execute measures processor speed. Modern processor ratings are in GHz (gigahertz, or billions of cycles per second). A 2 GHz processor exec... Read More »

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Why is a computer's speed measured in nanoseconds?

Computer electronic calculations and operations are performed at such high speeds that very small units of time are needed to measure them. One nanosecond is equal to one billionth of a second.Sour... Read More »

How do I improve computer processing speed?

HardwareIncrease the computer’s RAM, or physical memory. Preferably, install a machine with at least 1GB of RAM. Increase the computer’s hard-disk memory, and partition the hard disk in such a ... Read More »

Computer RAM and Processing Speed FOR DUMMIES?

Processor: Intel / AMD compatible at 2500 MHz or higher RAM: 1 GB or higher

Where do you go to find out the processing speed of your computer?

To find out how fast your processor is you have to access your System folder. To access your System folder, click the "Start" button, then click "Control Panel," click on "System and Maintenance," ... Read More »