How is computer animation made?

Answer Computer animation has accomplished some pretty amazing feats in recent years. However, the development of computer animation stemmed from traditional animation techniques.BackgroundAside from the ... Read More »

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Where was the first animation made?

The person who sang the song on certain angles did appear to be Owen Wilson. But the Bill Nye show does not appear on Owen Wilson's TV credits. Nor is his name in the credits at the end of the prog... Read More »

Computer Animation Terms?

Computer animation uses computers to create moving images. Animation may be made for computers, as with computer games and Internet cartoons; or used for TV or movies. This is called CGI -- compute... Read More »

Why was computer animation created?

The development of computer animation gave animators a number of advantages over traditional techniques, according to Bruce Gooch at Its popularity grew quickly because it made animati... Read More »

Why was computer animation designed?

The first machine for animation gave the illusion of movement by allowing a viewer to look at a rotating disk that, when synchronized, created an animated effect. It took many images to create this... Read More »