How is coal related to seedless vascular plants?

Answer For humans, some of the most important seedless vascular plants lived and died about 300 million years ago. The remains of these ancient ferns, horsetails, and club mosses formed coal, a fossil fue... Read More »

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Features of Seedless Vascular Plants?

Seedless vascular plants are characterized by their means of reproduction through spores rather than seeds and by the presence of true roots, stems, and leaves, which are absent in non-vascular pla... Read More »

Fun Facts About Seedless Vascular Plants?

Vascular plants contain vascular tissue that transports water, minerals and energy throughout the plant. An imperfect analogy can be drawn to the circulatory system in animals. Most vascular plants... Read More »

Do seedless vascular plants require a moist environment?

Seedless vascular plants rely on spores, not seeds, to reproduce. In order for spores to germinate and grow into adult plants, spores must land in moist areas. Vascular plants need moisture in orde... Read More »

Differences Between Vascular & Non-Vascular Plants?

The world is filled with visible vascular plants. Vascular plants produce fruit and flowers and grow to tremendous heights. They are trees, bushes, and vegetables. Nonvascular plants are small and ... Read More »