How is cloning used now?

Answer Cloning began in the late 1800s with Hans Driesch's cloning of sea urchin. In 1986, the first mammals were cloned, and in 1996 the famous sheep Dolly was born. Since then, scientists have cloned hu... Read More »

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Will cloning ever be used in the US military?

Is cloning illegal in the USA?

Of the various types of cloning, only human cloning is legislatively restricted in the United States. As of 2010, there are no federal bans on human cloning, and previous restrictions on the use o... Read More »

Why Is Cloning Good?

Cloning is the process of creating the genetic twin of a living thing. Ethical questions surround the concept of stamping out copies of a species and the potential abuses surrounding the technology... Read More »

Who discovered DNA cloning?

Biochemists Stanley Cohen and Herbert Boyer developed DNA cloning, or recombinant DNA technology, in 1973. They collaborated on the technique through their respective institutions, Stanford Univer... Read More »