How is chlorine bleach made?

Answer Chlorine bleach is used every day to whiten clothing, kill germs and clean hard surfaces. Though most people have used the liquid, not all know that chlorine bleach is made from a substance consume... Read More »

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Is bleach made of liquid chlorine?

Bleach is made from a form of liquid chlorine. Bleaches used in household cleaners and laundry detergents usually fall into one of two categories: chlorine bleaches or oxygen bleaches. Chlorine bl... Read More »

Can I mix chlorine bleach& non-chlorine bleach together?

Never mix chlorine bleaches with non-chlorine bleaches, also known as "peroxide" bleaches. In contrast to chlorine bleaches, which use chlorine to work, non-chlorine bleaches use peroxide as the ac... Read More »

Sodium hypocholorite and/or chlorine dioxide: bleach, or not bleach?

When you mix it up with citric acid according to the directions, it produces chlorine dioxide.From Wiki: "Chlorine dioxide is a chemical compound with the formula ClO2. This yellowish-green gas cr... Read More »

Oxygen Bleach Vs. Chlorine Bleach?

For a very long time, the only real laundry bleach on the market was chlorine bleach, popularized by industry leaders, such as Clorox. Bleach is not only used for stain removal in laundry, but to c... Read More »