What is 409 carpet cleaner made of?

Answer Formula 409 carpet cleaner, a product made by the Clorox Company, contains the following ingredients: water, alkyl sulfate, propellant, isopropyl alcohol, acrylic emulsion copolymer, lauramine oxid... Read More »

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What is Berber carpet made of?

Berber carpet, named after an Northwestern Africa Berber tribe, is a type of carpet weave known for its loop construction and small flecks of color. Most Berber carpets are made from wool, nylon, p... Read More »

What material is shag carpet made of?

Shag is a type of carpet that is characterized by loops of material coming out of the base of the carpet. It can be made of many different materials. Some of the common materials used in shag carpe... Read More »

I spilt candle wax on the carpet, i then used baking paper and an iron to try to get it out but it made it wor?

You should have used a carpet cleaning solution the first time it happened. Now it has probably gotten worse, however you can still give it a shot. Also try rubbing alcohol on the stained areas.

If a neighbor's burst pipe damaged our carpet can they be liable for carpet replacement?

Yes, your neighbor is at fault unless your actions contributed to the rupture.