How is card stock measured?

Answer Card stock is stiff, rigid paper used for greeting cards, post cards and other paper items that need more stiffness than a normal sheet of paper. Card stock comes in a variety of colors and can hav... Read More »

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How thick is 14 pt card stock?

One point is equal to 1/1,000 of an inch In card stock. Therefore, 14 point card stock is .014 inches thick. Paper with more points is thicker and more sturdy, and paper with less points is thinner... Read More »

What is card stock paper?

Card stock paper is a thick paper ideal for business cards and invitations. Card stock paper comes in a variety of different colors, textures and weights. Aside from its most common uses, it proves... Read More »

How thick is card stock paper?

Card stock paper is measured by weight. There are several weights of card stock, and the thickness of the paper varies by the manufacturer of the card stock. It varies anywhere from .004 to .009 in... Read More »

How thick is 9-point card stock?

Card stock, also referred to as cover stock, is available for purchase in a number of points, weights and pounds. The approximate caliper (thickness) of 9-point card stock is 0.0095 inches.Referen... Read More »