How is beeswax made?

Answer Bees make beeswax by eating honey. In a bee colony, bees use beeswax to build the honeycombs where the bees raise their young and where they store pollen and surplus honey for the winter.Wax-Produc... Read More »

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How are beeswax candles made?

Using beeswax for candles is a centuries-old practice. Retailers advertise beeswax candles as a cleaner-burning alternative to other, more common waxes. Prices for beeswax tend to be higher due to ... Read More »

Is beeswax greasy?

Beeswax, a natural ingredient commonly used in cosmetics and candles, is a wax that is used to thicken and solidify oils. Beeswax is called "velvety" in texture; however, it is not greasy.Source:Ha... Read More »

About Beeswax?

Beeswax is a by-product of the bee pollination process. It is found in hundreds of different products: cosmetics and beauty products, crayons, paints, medicinal ointments, furniture waxes and fill... Read More »

Is beeswax edible?

Beeswax is an element found in the natural production of the honeycomb. It is edible and has a chewy constancy. Thousands of years ago, it was mainly a medical remedy; today, candles and cosmetics ... Read More »