How is an object put into orbit?

Answer Placing an object into orbit means striking the right balance between the object's momentum and the pull of gravity. Once in motion at the correct velocity, the orbit degrades slightly, but not eno... Read More »

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How is an object put into an orbit?

Objects put into orbit are normally satellites designed to observe something on the surface of the Earth, such as weather patterns. A successful orbit launch takes years of preparation.SatellitesSa... Read More »

What is the force that keeps an object in orbit?

Every object contains a gravitational field that exerts force on other objects. Massive bodies, such as planets, attract objects that revolve around them. Gravity and an object's sideways motion en... Read More »

Which object's orbit is tilted the most from the ecliptic?

Pluto, the most famous ice dwarf, has the most inclined orbit of the major objects in the Solar System. It is inclined 17.1 degrees from the ecliptic (Earth's orbital plane). The runner up is Mercu... Read More »

What do we call an object that is in orbit around a planet?

NASA defines a satellite as any object that travels around a larger object. For example, Earth is a satellite of the sun; the moon is a satellite of Earth. These are called "natural" satellites. Th... Read More »