How is aluminum heat-treated?

Answer The heat-treating process for aluminum generally follows three steps: heat, quench and age. Solution heat treatment is a common procedure in this process. Homogenizing and annealing are two other h... Read More »

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How is lumber heat-treated?

Lumber is heat-treated in a drying kiln for a number of days. The kiln removes moisture from the cut wood through evaporation. The lower moisture content makes the wood stronger than green lumber.M... Read More »

How is heat exhaustion treated?

Rest and replacement of fluids and salt is usually all the treatment that is needed, and hospitalization is rarely required. Following rehydration, the person usually recovers rapidly.

What Is Heat Treated Wood?

Whether you realize it or not, you probably have been affected by heat-treated wood today. Heat-treated wood is widely used in the manufacture of packing crates, which are used in the overseas tran... Read More »

How is prickly heat treated by doctors?

Heat rash may be treated with topical antipruritics (itch relievers) containing calamine, aloe , menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil, and similar ingredients.