How is almond extract made?

Answer Almond extract is a clear liquid that gives distinct almond flavor to various desserts. It is made from the oil of bitter almonds or the similar tasting benzaldehyde. While whole, bitter almonds ar... Read More »

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Is almond essence the same as almond extract?

Almond essence refers to the oils of the nut that are flavorful and aromatic, and they are often used in aromatherapy. Almond extract is a manufactured blend of bitter almond oils (essence) and eth... Read More »

How to Substitute Almond Extract for Vanilla?

Running out of vanilla extract for a recipe should not require you to run to the store for more. Substitute almond extract for the vanilla for a lightly nutty hint. Since almond extract has a signi... Read More »

Is imitation almond extract nut-free?

Imitation almond extract does not contain nuts and should be safe for those with allergies to nuts and nut products. However, those with allergies should always check the label of the bottle to mak... Read More »

If i don't have Almond extract, could i substitute a liquer in something I am baking.. instead?

Sweetheart, you didn't note what you are baking? Are you wanting to put it into a cake, or pudding or foods? With a cake, you can use any type of extract...Banana extract/liquor with a bit of tr... Read More »