How is almond bark made?

Answer Almond bark is an easily prepared sheet candy traditionally served during the December holidays.IngredientsAlmond bark is traditionally made with white or milk chocolate and chopped almonds. Shorte... Read More »

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What is almond bark?

Everything tastes better in chocolate. Popular for its ease of use, almond bark is an imitation chocolate commonly used as a substitute when dipping foods or making candy.DefinitionAlmond bark, als... Read More »

What to Dip in Almond Bark?

Almond bark is one of those foods with a misnomer as a name. It's not the bark of an almond or almond tree. Instead, it's artificial chocolate made with vegetable oils instead of cocoa. The chocola... Read More »

How to Make Almond Bark?

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How to Add Food Color to Almond Bark?

Almond bark is made from white chocolate, which allows it to be dyed a range of colors. Almond bark reacts to liquids by clumping into a unworkable paste, so food coloring in oil, powder or paste f... Read More »