How is alcohol, cigars,cigarettes etc. legal and marijuana not?

Answer God is PerfectMan is NotMan made BeerGod made PotLEGALIZE IT

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Why is Marijuana illegal when Alcohol is legal?

Paranoia is only a result of the plant being illegal. If not illegal, no paranoia would occur. 2nd, it is a known fact that you can not overdose on marijuana. You would have to smoke 1500 pounds... Read More »

Alcohol or Marijuana?

Marijuana and alcohol questions!?

if u sleep like that all the time then no but if u dont then it the sleep and hangover

If more people die from alcohol than marijuana....?

no one...NOT ONE PERSON......has ever died from ingesting Marijuana.......( in any form ) order to ingest a toxic would have to eat/smoke upwards of 5 or more POUNDS of it........ Read More »