How is a tagboard different from a posterboard?

Answer When looking for stable, longer-lasting paper products, you should consider tagboard and posterboard. However, though they both may be of heavier stock than standard paper, there are major differen... Read More »

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How to Make a Tagboard Bookmark?

This project is great for people of any age who like to scrapbook. Moreover, a personalized bookmark allows you to express yourself. Make them for yourself and your friends. Bookmarks are fun and e... Read More »

Which is heavier--tagboard or poster board?

Although both are thicker than regular paper, poster board is significantly thicker than tagboard. Tagboard is a single sheet while poster board is made by pressing between four and six sheets toge... Read More »

Difference between card stock and tagboard?

Yes, tag board is just a wee bit thicker. For the most part I substitute card stock for anything calling for tag board because I can use it easily in my printer. :-)

How big is a posterboard?

The standard poster board is between 22 inches x 28 inches and 20 inches x 30 inches. The exact size depends on the manufacturer and brand. Poster boards can be used for displays and large-scale cr... Read More »